Bank Robbers Never Get Cold Tshirt

by on December 31, 2008

bank-robbers-never-get-cold-tshirtAs you stand on the precipice of a new year, reflecting on the ups and downs of 2008, and perhaps resolving to improve in some area in 2009, don’t ever forget this truism, which will carry you through thick and thin.

Within your celebratory gathering some may share passages from their favorite religious texts, others poetry and still others quotations from the audacity of hope, but you will blow them away when you quiet the rabble, make a pregnant hushed pause and the tell the people the truth. It’s even more powerful if you where the truth on your person, so go ahead whip out your credit card and make a terrific purchase of the Bank Robbers Never Get Cold Tshirt.

And, also, don’t forget to read up on wool, ‘cuz that’s the preferred fabric of bank robber ski masks.

Local Celebrity actually prefers pantie hose to ski masks, but either way you’re warm. You don’t even know how chilly those breezes off the Pacific Ocean can get.

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