Baking Soda Volcano T shirt

by on November 6, 2008

Kinda always knew this is at this type of cataclysmic event got started. I think Clark Gable comes from the other side pouring the vinegar, ‘cuz that’s when you get the real, Atlantis burying volcanic blast.

I know several people that saw this very phenomenon happen up in the Pacific Northwest prior to all that crazy stuff with Mount St. Helens. And then there’s that Werner Herzog film where he almost died capturing volcanic eruption. Pretty much he caught the same thing on film, but the footage was left on the cutting room floor…suppressed…pretty big conspiracy…but you know how the MAN can keep that stuff down.

Well, I think this shirt is going to fire up the resistance and the grassroots will take it to the stage and the whole world will know our Heavenly Father and Clark Gable are doing high stakes scientific experiments with baking soda and vinegar. Let’s not even talk about the Lord’s collection of Mentos combined with Sammy Davis Jr.’s pantry full of diet cola.

Treat yourself to the Baking Soda Volcano tshirt now.

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