Back to the Future Time Machine BRB T Shirt

by on January 8, 2011

back to the future brb time machine t shirt Back to the Future Time Machine BRB T Shirtbuy now button yellow Back to the Future Time Machine BRB T ShirtHey you can go to different decades or even centuries and still be able to say Be Right Back, if you time machine is a Delorean and you’re awesome like Michael J. Fox. Of course, maybe you can’t be that confident if you’re going back into earlier times in your life, and there’s the possibility that you change things. Hell, the person you’re telling that you’ll be right back may not even live in the same town because of the shenanigans you pull in the past. That type of shit has massive ramifications. So, maybe this BRB T Shirt is totally inaccurate. And, maybe that’s why you want to buy it. It’s like if you’re a coin collector and you run into the wheat penny that actually has an image of a dude making the rock on sign with his right hand. They call that a defect and if there are only a few in the run then it is worth quite a bit more.

Deez Tees may just be trying to pull a fast one here. Be on your toes.

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