Back To School T Shirt Specials

by on August 23, 2010

Looks like we have a few back to school sales going on right about now. Hop to and take advantage. First, check out Headline Shirts. They have 17 $9 shirts, including a lot of my favorites like “Are the Assholes Still In Charge.” Then, they have 16 $12 shirts, which is still a righteous deal. And, finally, they have 22 $15 shirts which is still like $5 off. You will totally be rockin’ subversive style for your first day of school. And, then you’ll get kicked out. Won’t be able to find a job, and become seriously homeless. But, it will be totally worth it, and think of all the money you saved. You can eat with that.

Check out Headline Shirts Back to School Special. This sale ends this week.

Threadless is also going for that crazy, “hey, we think people stock up on clothing at the beginning of the school year, so let’s give them some great deals, and they’ll spend a nice wad at our shop. And, with $10 tees, they’re probably right. There’s this shirt that celebrates awesomeness like Chuck Norris, T Rex with rocket launchers, hamburgers, Abe Lincoln, jets, motorcycles, space ships, and what looks to be a big ass cloud of dust that’s been kicked up by all this awesomeness.

Check out Threadless Back to School Special, and hurry, it ends August 26.

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