Baby Gaga T Shirt

by on October 11, 2010

Little wordplay here. Baby sounds like lady and gaga is a baby noise, so why not go with the Baby Gaga. Plus, the whacky white archway hair and the sunglasses and this baby is doomed to be vacuous and weird just like Lady Gaga herself. Is it me, or does that women crap out like 3 albums a month. You know at that pace, there’s nothing but gold being printed.

I’m not sure why you’d want to, but if you’re so inclined please help yourself to a Baby Gaga T Shirt. I mean they’re not free, but help yourself nonetheless, if you have cash.

Do you think the employees of Snorg Tees enjoy the fine musical craftwomanship of Lady Gaga? Or are they just ridin’ the wave to the beach? Comment!

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