Baboons Typing T Shirt

by on December 10, 2010

This is the OB (Original Baboon) when it comes to Headline Shirts. This is like the start of it all, and I know that because this is the logo of the lovely little shirt retailer from San Francisco. It’s a great logo, because when pigs fly and baboons type Shakespearean sonnets, I’ll be out here by morning. Know what I’m saying? Do you smell the literary baboon steak I’m cookin’ over here. I thought you did and if you didn’t you wouldn’t be here. That’s how it works in this big crazy world. Everything comes down to you reading this and making that one decision:

Do you buy the Baboons Typing T Shirt right now, or in three minutes, which gives you time to find your purse, pull out your Amex Black card and make the purchase.

Now, you don’t have to be Headline Shirts’ biggest fan in order to purchase this tee, because it’s the concept and design you are after. The repeated baboon typing is like an infinite twisted checker board, an Indian symbol for the Om, interlocking fleur-de-lis, or that crazy Polaroid of that dude’s foot that has six toes. It’s creative artistry that also happens to stand for a entrepreneurial enterprise that is close to taking over the west coast.

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