Axe Cop Gritty Wexter T Shirt

by on February 28, 2011

Doing a little research on this Axe Cop comic, and it’s pretty crazy. The series was started by two brothers, Malachai Nicolle, 5, and Ethan Nicolle, 29. Yes, you read that right brothers 24 years apart. Weird. Somebody should have got a vascectomy, but how can I say that. Now, Malachai is contributing to an awesome web comic. So, you never know what destiny has in store for you. Anyways, this Gritty Wexter T Shirt seems to feature the Axe Cop riding a dinosaur with machine guns for arms and sunglasses, which is smart because you always heard that the T Rex’s ultimate flaw was those useless short arms and their overly-sensitive eyes. Problem solved.

Topatoco has presented this shirt to you on a platter, if you are a fan of the comic or you’re fond of the absurd in general you probably need to take buying this shirt under serious consideration. Come on. It’s a cop that does his work with an axe for a weapon, instead of a gun. That’s funny. It’s like Dirty Harry mixed with Jack from The Shining. Nobody fucks with that type of law.

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