Awesome Possum T-Shirt

by on August 2, 2010

Awesome as a generic expression of “I heard you, and it sounds good,” isn’t bad. Cool. Sweet. Nice. Right on. Word. And weasel groin also work for this linguistic purpose. Trouble is shit gets crusty and you need to spice it up, especially if someone keeps droning on and on and you don’t want to hurt their feelings, and you want to encourage them to share, because that makes them feel better and you don’t have a psycho on your hands, so…

You have to add to affirmation bits. For instance add awesome to possum and you have Awesome Possum, which is what this shirt says. You have such a bad memory because you smoke way too much pot, so in order to remember this lesson in life and sophisticated peer-to-peer communication, you’ll probably need to buy the Awesome Possum T shirt, complete with picture of a possum as a memory aid. After all you can’t look down at your tshirt and keep meaningful eye contact at the same time. Who do they think you are, David Blaine?!

Snorg Tees is in the business of enriching relationships. Do not let anybody tell you different.

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