Assembly Instructions Shert T Shirt

by on June 7, 2011

This little step-by-step instruction sheet is a perfect little representation of those assembly instructions in multiple language or no language as it were, that skips like 14 steps in putting to together the item you were so eager to receive from the UPS guy. First you look at it and you’re totally overwhelmed. Next, you go back to it, because you want this item assembled and working NOW. You tell yourself you can do it…one step at a time.

Then it becomes quite clear that you can’t tell the different screws or pieces apart: AA looks just like JJ. You start to get a little panicky like it’s never going to come together, and you think maybe you’re the least intelligent person in the world. Because you simply don’t get. Finally, you attack it with blunt force. Trying every different combination until the thing looks sort of like the happy finished product on the box. Who cares how many extra bits are left over. It’s put together and you triumphed.

If you understand this challenge then you’ll love the Shert T Shirt, because it’s about assembling a t shirt. That’s funny. Busted Tees is funny for making it.

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