Ask Your Doctor if Violence is Right For You T-shirt

by on March 27, 2010

That’s a pile o’ shells. Damn I love this shirt. I don’t watch much TV but when I do it’s usually basketball and drug companies, beer and cars seem to be the top pushers. You know this nation is going down the toilet when “marketing” becomes making up clinical names for common conditions and solving them with pharmaceuticals.

Sleeping, fucking, eating, and restless leg syndrome…the four biggies all solved with pills, pills, pills. And let’s not forget depression and hyperactivity. How about eating right and exercising? I know that’s so caveman simplistic. Sorry.

Back to the shirt that really captures the absurdity of a nation with its mix-mash of violence, inane entertainment, and Big Pharma. I love the rifle hard phallus and the wader boots mucking through the cultural swamp.

Consult with your bought and paid for doctor before you wear the Ask Your Doctor if Violence is Right For You Tee.

Headline Shirts is a corporate sponsor of the NRA and the Second Amendment.

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