Ask Me About My Explosive Diarrhea Tshirt

by on June 16, 2008

[adrotate banner=”59″]Seriously. If you want a convo starter there is nothing more effective than this. Can you say icebreaker? Come on. Who is going to pass up a chance to ask you about your explosive diarrhea? If they take a pass on this, you didn’t really need to network with them in the first place. This leads me to my next point. As a time saver, you need to separate the peeps you want to meet from the wholesome folks that will bore you to tears. It’s all about automating processes and this shirt does so much work for you that you absolutely must get it. It pays for itself the first time you wear it in public.

As for attracting attention from potential love interests, well, studies have indicated that there’s nothing more effective, especially if the wearer of this tshirt is a woman. Women with the fortitude to don such an item are experiencing tremendous “advantages” in getting THAT GUY at the club, the bar, the house party, the bowling alley and the Bible study.

I’m just sayin’, if you’re a male or female lookin’ for love, this Ask Me About My Explosive Diarrhea is most certainly the ideal shirt to get it rollin’.

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