ASCII Zebra T Shirt

by on January 31, 2011

You can’t see it in this image of the shirt, because I wanted to give you a female modeling the shirt, but that really is one of those ASCII art dealios, where people with way too much time on their hands create pieces of art with typing. There are capital I’s and 7’s and colons and those little squiggles, and equal signs, and  pluses and question marks. No lie. This probably took someone like 890 hours to figure out. Then Headline Shirts probably found it on the Internet and said “hey, cool and just copied and pasted and voila…cool ASCII Zebra T Shirt.

Just kidding. Headline Shirts don’t work like that. They are very upright company offering proper attribution where it is due and using original designs. They actually paid the designer $1 million dollars for this art, which worked out to like $2.75/hour. Bargain and they’ll make it up on the backend, sending men to your house to sell you stainless steel appliances and the entire catalog of As Seen on TV items. No no that’s not true either. Just go get the shirt before I lie again. You like zebras and typing.

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