Apparently College Football Players Like Cam Newton Get Paid

by on November 10, 2010

Not that I give a shit about college football, but I had no idea that players got paid. I mean I saw He Got Game when Jesus Shuttlesworth was treated to a threesome with a couple of buxom sorority call girls, but that was the movies. Never in my wildest dreams did I think these hardworking young athletes, who have about a 1%  chance of making it to the pros, and a 79% chance of being nearly crippled by the time they turn 45, would take a little money to represent a university in a sport that generates millions and millions of dollars every year.

No idea. But then this crazy story about Cam came out and the whole thing is starting to blow wide open. Total bummer for those in Auburn, AL, since I think the team is ranked #2 in AP and the BCS standings with a 10-0 and Newton is a Heisman Trophy candidate at quarterback.

Of course, Cam doesn’t have the most stellar record, as reports have also popped up about his scholarly cheating while at that bastion of academics, the University of Florida.

As for the payola, Cam’s father Cecil is also being implicated, so the Big Lead calls him “father of the year candidate.” That’s funny. More from the Big Lead:

“Schad had two sources. The first said father of the year candidate Cecil Newton told a Mississippi State recruiter it would require ‘more than a scholarship’ to sign his son and ‘referred him to a third person.’ The second said Cam Newton apologized to another recruiter, claiming he had to choose Auburn because ‘the money was too much.’ Mississippi State officials reportedly alerted the SEC in January.”

Actually, now that I’ve gone through all that it reminds me why I would much rather look at a funny t shirt than Saturday afternoon football. Still, an interesting and kind of funny, in a sad way, story. You can just see Georgia (Auburn’s next opponent) sending out eager forensics students and research aids to go find as much dirt as possible on the Tigers.

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