Ants on a Log Tshirt

by on July 26, 2010

That’s a very delish snack. Raisins, celery, and peanut butter. Of course, I could get all snobby and say it’s gotta be local, in season, organic celery, flame raisins, and almond butter instead of the moldy ass peanut butter, but that would deflate the childlike fun bubble that’s been blown just seeing a homemade snack on a tshirt. So, I won’t get all foodie asshole on you, but really, you should be eating the organic shit.

Anyway, if you like your mom and how hard she worked to feed you and raise you right, then you will get out your Batman velcro wallet, and fire up that debit card to get Ants on a Log Tshirt.

No what I’m saying. Do it for your mother. Do it for your grandmother. Do it for mother Earth, who, just gave two thumbs up to this heart-healthy nibble in last week’s Eat In magazine.

Snorg Tees doesn’t allow candy on their campus.

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