Anthill Trap Tshirt

by on December 29, 2008

anthill-trap-tshirtSome serious planning went in to this rouse by the anteater. I mean the believable sign, the digging where spy ants couldn’t see you, coordination with a anteater friend to cover you up except for the vaccuum hose mouth. It’s a beautiful thing when a plan comes together and this one is just about ready to pay off.

It’s such a beauty. Which ant is going to figure out the trap? None, they’re going to march dutifully to their demise and the anteater is going to be satiated. Hopefully, his accomplice remembers to dig him out after 15 hours. Otherwise, we have the old shit in your bed thing going on and that’s never fun.

If this Anthill Trap Tshirt has touched your heart in any way. If your day was made just a little bit brighter, please consider purchasing it and supporting the creative and twisted minds that are tirelessly working to bring you humor with a cute yet devious twist.

Threadless time for you and me.

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