From the Ashes T Shirt from Another Safe Landing

by on January 4, 2012

This From the Ashes T Shirt is an astronaut with a halo of ash enveloping him. Probably similar to what it really looked like walking on the moon in a lunar haze. The subject on this shirt also looks like a smudged negative of a picture of an astronaut with a weird kind of lunar glow. Sunlight bouncing off moon dust.

Where’s the funny you ask. Well, actually, the description on this shirt says: “We burn to explore the cosmos. Dust is everywhere. The Moon is covered with it. So is my faceplate. Can I get a squeegee, here?” That’s funny.

It’s also funny that this site featuring haunting and ephemeral space travel shirts, also has a couple of random designs, including a “K” and an osterich. I think that’s kind of funny too. Check out the whole catalog from Another Safe Landing. It’s very original and interesting stuff.

And, hey, Tshirt Groove specializes in funny, but it’s not all we can do up in here. We can get serious, somber, sad, and stupid when the need arises.

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