Animal House John Blutarsky Nothing’s Over Til We Say It’s Over T Shirt

by on May 7, 2011

That text on that shirt got shrunk down pretty small in that image, so I’m going to transcribe it for you right now. Animal House – Nothing’s over until we say it’s over. Was it over when the Germans bombed pearl harbor. – Bluto Blutarsky…You see this is funny because that’s incorrect history. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, but it doesn’t really matter because he’s so passionate with his speech and the fact that he refuses to admit defeat. That’s why TV Store Online has produced a great shirt right here. Do you agree? Is John Belushi outstanding in this movie. I say Yes and yes, and so should you, or else you’ll have to have a pretty compelling reason, and you’ll have to share piece of rhetorical brilliance in the comments for all to see.

Get the Nothing’s Over Till We Say It’s Over T Shirt. It’s imperative, in order, for you to keep the spark in your heart, soul, and mind alive.

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