Animal House Faber College T Shirt

by on May 6, 2011

faber college phys ed 1963 t shirt Animal House Faber College T Shirtbuy now button yellow Animal House Faber College T ShirtSometimes you want the classic College t shirt from Animal House, but sometimes you want to get more specific, which is why this Faber College Phys. Ed 1963 t shirt exists. It’s there for you to have choice. To make up your own mind about what sort of message you want to bring to the general public as you sit in your office or walk down the street or eat alone in a restaurant serving Chinese cuisine and cheeseburgers.

TV Store Online is wonderful for giving us our god-given right of consumer choice, and you better take advantage of it or the terrorists and commies and other terrible groups of godless people win. And you do not want that.

BTW: Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son.

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