Angry Birds Wingman T Shirt

by on August 26, 2011

Nice shot of the slingshot on this Angry Birds Wingman T Shirt. Plus, it references a very popular concept in man circles. The wingman helps you in any way he can when you have your eyes on a particular hottie. Maybe he simply steps out of the way, so you can bore in on your target. And, maybe he’s gotta get intel, so you know how to approach. Or perhaps he’s gotta entertain the friend, because they’re a package deal. I don’t even know all the ways a wingman can help in this context, but they’re numerous. That’s why you have wingman on your shirt.

You also have real definition of wingman called to mind with this combative Angry Birds game. Of course, it’s someone that you fly with that you work together to defeat a common enemy. And the birds on this shirt are certainly working together to get those pigs.

Angry Birds T-Shirts has the best collection of Angry Birds Tees on the ‘Net. No question.

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