Android Mascot Eating An Apple Not Evil Just Hungry T Shirt

by on April 15, 2011

I do not know who this dude is but he’s ’bout ready to chomp on an apple, and in my book that’s not evil at all. But, I guess if you think pieces of fruit are sentient beings or that apples have feelings or at least apple trees, then maybe the sentiment on this Not Evil Just Hungry T Shirt clashes with your eating ideology. Of course, you’re killing 100,000s of micro-organisms as you sit there mouth breathing and reading this with your lips moving.

Split Reason knows about a lot of things, I have no clue about. Can someone please tell me what this shirt is referencing? Who is this little character? It’s the Android mascot thank god for this thing called the Internet. It’s eating an Apple because Android is eating up Apples share of the mobile OS market. Now do I get it or do I get it?

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