Anchorman Sex Panther Cologne

by on May 4, 2011

It’s not a t shirt, but I’m calling attention to it anyway, because it’s fabulous. Sex Panther Cologne. For reals. You can buy a bottle. Receive the bottle. Tip the bottle. Dab the cologne on your neck and you have a 60% chance of it working every time…and by working, of course, I mean getting laid by your choice of hot vixens, who can’t keep their ridiculously manicured hands off of you.

You want some of that…I know you do. That’s why TV Store Online makes this product available for your edification. Now do the right thing for your love life, and get some.

And, of course, it’s doubly effective if you where an Anchorman T Shirt when you’re slathered in the musky shit.

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