Amish Gone Wild T Shirt

by on July 2, 2011

I like this one. Dude flipped on the light switch. He’s out of control. That light switch hasn’t been flipped except for that horrid accident like 27 years ago. You know the one were the kid had to drowned in the pond because they took sins like this a little more serious back in the day. Wasn’t even really the kid’s fault. He had to take a leak in the middle of the night and was feeling his way around the walls (okay, he was drunk, which was why he was struggling to navigate in the dark…nobody knew that bit of the story), and he accidently flipped the switch. Bad timing. His dad was up, saw the light, was shocked for two seconds then did what he had to do in front of God and the rest of the community. Sad story.

But, this Amish Gone Wild T Shirt is a little bit more light-hearted in 2011, because if a kid were to do this these days, he’d only have the offending finger cut off. No biggie.

Wait, why is there a light switch in an Amish Farm House. Did they buy it from a farmer in foreclosure?

Five Finger Tees runs the gamut…pop culture to religion. Quite the range.

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