American Gothic Casey Anthony OJ Simpson T Shirt

by on July 6, 2011

This Casey and OJ connection is picking up a ton of steam. What does Casey think when she sees all this crazy stuff? What about OJ? Is he pissed that his opportunity to be erased from the American consciousness as the country’s most famous killer that got off is crumbling with each and every t shirt that pairs this unlikely couple.

This Casey Anthony OJ Simpson T Shirt is a creepy parody of the classic American Gothic painting, which is creepy in and of itself without the murderous back story and wicked knife and glove.

Plus, look at the eyes: the dead look in OJ’s and Casey’s big penetrating gaze scare me. What about you?

Look At Me Shirts did a fantastic job with this one. Very well done, especially with a news item that just popped.

Here are the best Casey Anthony T Shirts on the web.

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