America Everyone Hates Us Now T Shirt

by on November 25, 2010

Interesting time to re-issue this one. Apparently, Headline Shirts was selling bushels of these babies back when “W” was ruling the White House, because he was an idiot and his foreign policy was a joke, but now, we still engage in warfare in Afghanistan, and we’re still in Iraq, so there’s really no reason for everybody not to hate us.

Obama was probably a bit of fresh air for the rest of the world when he was elected, but it’s probably becoming clear that no matter how honorable or righteous the man is, the corporate machine runs the show and things don’t change, or if they do it’s at a glacial pace, which basically makes it impossible to get anything done, because we flush whatever crap is in Congress every two years, because “it’s not working.”

Yes, America is broken right now, and, yes, there are a lot of countries that hate us, so America—Everyone Hates Us Now! We Rule T Shirt may contain some truth. Of course, our innovation got those miners out in Chile and the U.S. People put together millions and millions of dollars worth of aid for Haiti, despite being in the worst economy since the Great Depression. There are things to like, but we have to fix those pesky little “the government is broken” and ruling corporations have no soul problems.

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