All the Single Ladies T Shirt

by on November 2, 2010

Beyonce singing for all the single ladies, telling the men that if they like those single ladies they should put a ring on the finger of the single ladies. Then, comes this All the Single Ladies Nuns T Shirt. This is what happens when you don’t put the ring on and the lady gets fed up with the male bullshit. They commit their lives to Christ, live in a convent, and sneak in a little scissoring, when the urge becomes too great.

Now, why did Busted Tees erase facial features from these nuns. Maybe it’s in reference to the fact that they’ve made a vow to become selfless. To die to themselves to the glory of the Lord. Thus, they don’t have an individuality. I might have stumbled on it. Beyonce is really a terrible singer and the music is atrocious, but she looks good doing it, which is pretty all you need to blow up as a star in this country and snag a ultra-successful dude like Jay Z in the process. Good for her. This obscure video only has 97 million views. So, try to spread the word about it.

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