Alice in Wonderland Stoned in Wonderland T Shirt

by on March 4, 2011

The Alice in Wonderland crew are blitzed out of the their minds right here. Alice, who’s looking mighty fine on this shirt I must say, is taking her turn on the hookah, but somebody loaded that thing with hashish instead of tobacco or herbs or whatever people load up hookahs with in legal establishments. Caterpillar dude, card dude, the cat, and the rabbit are all stupefied, blissed out, out of their minds. Alice is seeing life changing visions, which so won’t see in the morning. I’m just happy that they’re all having pleasant trips. No paranoia in the bunch. Maybe someone else already ran off into the woods screaming about devil carpenter ants the size of bars of soap.

You have the Jefferson Airplane interpretation of the Lewis Carroll story, and now you have this artistic rendering on the Stoned in Wonderland T Shirt. Seems to be a common thread in what the meaning of the story really is. Do you dig this offering from 604 Republic like I do.

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