Alcohol Celebrate Diversity T Shirt

by on January 24, 2011

Let’s see what we have here. Sombrero on a tequila bottle. One of those furry winter hats from Russia with a star on the front on a bottle of vodka. A beat up old cowboy hat on some whiskey. Pirate hat on the rum. And a sophisticated top hat on the gin, because top hatters drink G&T’s. This is a lovely shirt. What would happen if you got all the drinkers represented on this Celebrate Diversity T Shirt in the same room, imbibing the alcohol of their choice.

I suppose if I was to delve to deep into any predictions it could get a little stereotypical…like the tequila drinker would make sure he was hallucinating then jump in his car because he drives better loaded. At the party he’s playing a mariachi and singing loudly. The vodka drinker is doing that crazy dance where you’re in a squat position and you throw up your right arm while simultaneously kicking out your left foot. And, then switch arms and legs, doing that brutally physical dance until someone throws up. I’m sure there’s something involving a six shooter with the whiskey drinker. The pirate is yelling aargh at everybody while his parrot craps on the rug. And, the gin drinker is just appalled but secretly attracted to the absolute mayhem of the scene. He’s composing the letter he’ll write to his good friend back home. Dearest Frederick, Wilt thou believe the engagement I suffered through a fortnight ago.

Snorg Tees hit a home run with this offering. Stand up in the bleachers and catch the ball. Fight for it, then bask in the 90 seconds of fame, while the grampa you elbowed in the eye seethes, but can’t do anything about it…because he’s old and weak.

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