Airplane Don’t Call Me Shirley T Shirt

by on December 31, 2010

The classic line delivered by Leslie Nielsen in the movie Airplane.

“Can you fly this plane and land it?”
“Surely you can’t be serious.”
“I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.”

Nice little literal interpretation, even in the midst of a harrowing situation like a plane losing its pilots. Still, Leslie is able to correct a man he thinks is calling him Shirley. Gotta have rules and you gotta stick by them. How does the saying go. If you don’t stand for something you’ll go for anything, or some such thing. Whatever the case, if your rule is not to allow people to call you by the incorrect name, then you have to stick by that through thick and thin. Looking back Airplane was always an entertaining lesson in life skills and mastery. Go watch it, and, of course, purchase the Don’t Call Me Shirley T Shirt because Leslie Nielsen has passed away and you need to honor the man.

Donkey Tees understands the self-help nature of the movie Airplane and so should you.

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