The Big Lebowski Abide T Shirt

by on August 5, 2009

abide-teeThe Dude abides. Sometimes it is the simple reminders that are the most powerful and effective. Sometimes from the mouths of comic actors and the pens of writers of comedy, you get the wisdom of life. The knowledge. The code and the creed.

Wear this shirt and all will know that you have it goin’ on. That you know where you’re heading. That you abide.

Plus, look at that bold imagery. That’s a very attractive looking item. And nothing beats wearing a shirt with an oversized bowling ball and undersized pin that does double duty as the “i” in the word abide.

Celebrate the classic comedy: The Big Lebowski. Relive the goodness with this clip. Accept the light into your life. Be one with the four-legged creatures from the swampy back hills.

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