A Peanut’s Demise T Shirt

by on March 6, 2009

a-peanuts-demise-tshirtThat Planter’s peanut dude is pretty haughty. Jauntily twisting his cane in the breeze and tipping his top hat. An annoying anachronism. Spats, ascot and monocle. Got a little too proud and he let down his guard. Forgot, despite his white gloves and fancy shoes he could still meet with adversity.

And this time, adversity came in the form of an African elephant, who, in an ironic twist, mistook Mr. Peanut, for any ol’ peanut and ate ’em up, spitting out the finery.

Can’t say it too much: peanut pride comes before an elephantine massacre.

Get A Peanut’s Demise Tee at Loiter, which has some off-the-hook, original designs.

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