Camping… Is In-Tents!

by on November 29, 2013

Camping is In Tents
It most certainly is. I don’t camp much these days but when I did it was usually pretty much in-tents. There were a few starry camping nights but that was typically after I had closed my eyes to try to go to sleep because things were a bit too in-tents…

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without me it is just aweso
I mean, truly. How can you argue with this logic? Without me, things are just kind of ‘OK.’ Add me to the mix and you get ‘awesome’ – just ask my wife. On a good day. Not during her special time, please. And definitely not when I have been brewing beer and have been ignoring her and the kids a bit. And certainly not when I have been working too much. OK, please don’t ask her.
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I Beer, Beer
I Beer beer. The more you drink the more the shirt makes absolute sense. I have heard that these exact words have come out of my mouth when I was trying to explain to a friend that I ‘brew’ beer. I think next time, I have a better chance of getting this right if I stick with I brew, brew.

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Viva la Evolución

by on November 14, 2013

Viva la Evolución

Viva la evolución! Whatever you think about the South American dictator about whom this shirt is a parody, this is a funny shirt. In fact, I like this one so much that I think we should make a similar one with Che Guevara’s face on it that says, “Viva La Devolución!” I mean, what a great way to give love to your favorite despotic dictator that does what any good socialist warlord does – steals food and resources that comes from countries like ours and hordes it to use for his own political ends.

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What’s not to love about Greece. Oldest of all the great Western Civilizations. They gave us philosophy, scientific method, geometry, poetry and a way to go bankrupt in style. Aristotle, Plato, Archimedes, Diophantes, and Alexander would be very proud of what this lovely Mediterranean country has become. They say that every great civilization has its peak and then slowly crumbles into nothing with the sands of time. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Greek innovation though. I mean, I love that Greek dark beer called Zeos!

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Daft Droid Shirt from Busted Tees

No wounded soldiers. Finish your beer or I’m gonna. A wounded soldier, according to the Urban Dictionary is any beer that has been abandoned at a party. This is a travesty and there should be no more beers left behind to go stale and flat.
This shirt is a playful parody on the Wounded Warrior Project whose slogan is, “No One Left Behind.” It applies equally to beer, especially a good craft brew like the one I bought in a 2-liter Growler last Saturday at the Hangar 24 Brewery in Redlands, CA (Double IPA 9% ABV, 118 IBU!)

I like this because beer cures many ailments. The wounded soldier and the father with 3 children, 5 and under. Is there a common bond here? Either way, finish your beer and quit whining soldier.

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Kitten Mittons, you will be smitten! I just watched that crazy guy try to sell mittens to put on a cat’s paws??? This is another one of the many Internet pop culture tees featured on this site. I have to admit that if you’re not in the Internet meme world wouldn’t understand. I also have to admit that the Kitten Mittons commercial is about the dumbest pice of comedy I have seen in quite a long time. But it did make me laugh a little and I would probably go back for more from this wacky dude.

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Bat and Robin T-Shirt from Snorg Tees
Bat and Robin. The dynamic duo. Mammal and fowl together in the skies, fighting crime. This is the kind of shirt that I find to be clever and clean and everyone ‘gets it.’ The only thing I cannot figure out is where they found belts that small so as to fit a bat and a robin. And how about Robin’s goggles. Where’d they get those. Anyways, this shirt would be loved by all, especially children. Won’t get you sent home by wearing this one to school!

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Ain't Nobody Got Time for That
I love videos like this that go viral because someone is just being their funny-old-selves. This poor woman ran out the house when she thought she smelled a BBQ but realized it was a fire. She says a few things that are just downright funny because of her quirky personality. Her name is, “Sweet Brown.” That is her actual given name, Sweet Brown. Many people have made her commentary into a song and uploaded it to YouTube. She is an Internet sensation and has made some big money. The catch phrase that made her famous was, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That – I’ve got bronchitis.” She has been featured on radio, television and now she is doing music and TV with Will.I.Am and she gets, “paid.” She is also the co-host of “cheaters” along with Dick Clark’s son and has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel live. She’s killin’ it!

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I Feel Crumby T-Shirt from Snorg
I feel crumby but I guess I will be spending my life as a cookie. Dr. Milk says I will always be crumby and will even be a little gooey when it gets hot and humid. If I jump into a glass of milk, I will dissolve but I know that either way, I will taste delicious. If you microwave me, please don’t do let it go for more than about 10-15 seconds because I will be come hard and brittle. Dr. Milk, we are such a match. We simply go together so please stay with me or I fear that I will simply be crumby forever.

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Breaking Bad's Heisenberg - Have you seen him
I was just speaking with my buddy, Anthony about this show the other night. He said it was about a chemistry teacher that decided to make some real money by manufacturing meth in his bathtub. Only, his meth is superior in quality to all other meth because he is a perfectionist chemist with a passion for purity. So much so that the Mexican Mafia is trying to recruit him to work for them. Any group that murders people without batting an eye and then erects small monuments to Santa Muerte (Holy Death) has got to be a very caring and compassionate employer. Make sure you negotiate your severance pay in advance though because it is typically going to be something like a nice wooden room with no windows, 6 feet below ground. There is no funnier topic for a show than mr. square turned crooked by the allure of money only to find out that the drug scene isn’t all it is ‘cracked’ up to be.

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Daft Droid Shirt from Busted Tees
Daft Punk is a popular band from France with a hit called, ‘Get Lucky’ that may just rule this entire summer. This robotic duo will be a force to reckon with in the pop music scene with their disco beats, syncopated guitar riffs, robotic vocals and computer-generated beats. This shirt combines Daft Punk with the most famous robots from Star Wars, C3PO and R2D2. These are droids with style and would be worn, I am sure by the duo that comprises Daft Punk had they not already been taken by tens of thousands of candy-seekers every Halloween. I mean, you’ve got to be original.

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