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Get This Tee from Tshirt Hell

It’s always nice to get the most famous and fabulous representatives of Scientology on the same shirt, especially when you can imply that you think both are gay, which is no problem, except that they both go out of their way to seem heterosexual (unless John loses it a little and starts soliciting the services of street-walking massuese boys). I think John would probably be the bottom in this particular coupling because Tom is an absolute force of nature.

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You know I didn’t really take it in at first but those disco floors look a lot like the DDR floor, which makes this shirt that much better. That, along with the fact that John Travolta has put in 50 pounds and got himself a crazy cultish Scientology religion, 27 years after being, Tony Manero, a seductive man with all the moves.

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Like it…a lot. Let’s get serious. The Catholic church has been responsible for a massive amount of violence in this world over the centuries. Why not equate it with the classic Quentin Tarantino movie that brought a significant amount of violence to the silver screen.

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