3D Glasses Cyclops T Shirt

by on May 12, 2011

This is sort of like the handicap accessible issue or the left-handed scissors situation. Society has to decide if it’s going to make exceptions, at considerable expense, for the outliers. Basically, it’s a labor of love because there’s not an economy of scale because there simply aren’t enough handicapped people, lefties, or cyclops to make a production run of special product or ramps, or whatever it takes to meet the outlier’s needs, profitable.

You feel bad for the cyclops in this 3D Glasses Cyclops T Shirt, because those glasses are not going to work for him and the latest 3D movie will not be as enjoyable. Plus, where’d he get that blue loin cloth and red belt, because they look sort of garish. And let’s not even mention the horn coming out of the top of his head, the missing teeth, or the inability to string together 2 comprehensible words.

Guy’s bumming and the 3D world is moving on without him. This is what Busted Tees is trying to say. It’s a think piece really.

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