Hurry Or You’ll Be Hurt from 24 Tee

by on January 12, 2012

24 Tee is another one of these shirt a day t-shirt shops, but they differentiate themselves with really clean, really cool designs.

Basically, they post a shirt at midnight and you have 24 hours to purchase. Otherwise, it’s gone and you live with bitter regret for the rest of your miserable days. What I’m saying is…unless you have cash in hand and are ready to make a purchase right when you hit the site, you better not even go. The disappointment of seeing a shirt you like — they pump out a lot of great ones — and forgetting to get it within the allotted time is a terrible, terrible feeling.

So, are you ready? Do you have a credit card with an available balance? Not sure? Call the number on the back and get the balance. This is no joke.


Once that is confirmed — I recommend a triple check — then, and only then, you can go and check out what’s going on for that day. The good news is that your account doesn’t have to have much money, because 24 Tees sells their shirts for a ridiculously low price ($10).

Actually, this group, 24 Tee, also has a store with a fine selection of non-limited time only shirts, that you can mull over, sleep on, then buy without worrying about losing your opportunity. If you don’t have the constitution and psychological makeup to deal with that shop against the clock stuff, this is probably your best bet.

Anyways, as I post this there’s a great The Big Lebowski Tee available: 8 Year Olds Dude. Jesus is a pedophile. No not that Jesus. The bowler. In the movie.

But, let me make you understand…once this gets posted you will have less than an hour to pick it up. Be warned. Actually, if it doesn’t sell out you can get a Previous Daily Deal, but it looks like those cost $15, which is still a great deal, but it ain’t no $10. So, there will still be that pain and suffering if you don’t take advantage of the daily deal.

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