December 2011

Nice mashup of Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon album cover and the insane UC Davis cop that casually pepper sprayed peaceful protestors. This is a pretty damn sweet design by curtisblack72, don’t you think? If so, then you should probably open up and let you feelings be known by buying this Darkside of the Law T Shirt.

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Want some movie and TV related garb to give your wardrobe a little pop (culture), then there’s no place better to do that than TV Store Online. I think this is a special holiday coupon code, so get on it soon.

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Who is this rotund dude with the male pattern baldness the coat and marijuana tie and the clown nose. He’s spectacular whoever he is and he’s the unlikely spokesman for the Medical Marijuana Association. Dude is enjoying himself. He’s got a stethoscope and a big belly laugh. You can come over to his place any time and he’ll smoke you out. Dude also digs Cypress Hill more than any other musical band ever. Good taste.

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Hey, if you’re on the hook for millions of kids’ happiness every year, you’re gonna need a little somethin’ somethin’ to take the edge off. Am I right? And, if you’re a larger than life personality like Santa, a little weed or Valium is not enough. So, give him a break, and cut the cookies and milk crap. Leave him something that will really do him some good.

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Voted Romania’s Best Pole Dancing Since 1456. If you don’t get this then I’m going to have to teach you a little history. Vlad was known as Vlad the Impaler because he executed so many people in Romania back in the day. Now, follow with me here. Part of his deal was impaling people’s heads on poles as a deterrant to other enemies or rogue citizens. If you’re about to do something Vlad didn’t like, you’d think twice because no matter how good looking you are, nobody looks their best with a severed head stuck on the tip of a pole.

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I like this little mashup with The Amityville Horror and Disneyland. I think what’s truly interesting is that the Amityville Horror “true” story probably got blown way out of proportion, and the Happiest Place on Earth probably has some deep dark secrets hidden within those Mickey Mouse walls. Look at it from that perspective and you probably have two places that are about even in horror quotient.

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Sean Connery played submarine captain Marko Ramius in the Hunt for Red October and his evasive tactics were not well regarded by the crew since they got hammered by a torpedo because he ignored their warnings. If you’re not familiar with the movie, you will probably not be interested in the Ramius Naval Officer Training T Shirt. But guess what? I can get you totally up to speed in under two minutes.

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This Propeller Beanie Chimp T shirt is the perfect gift for that impossible to buy for person on your list, who seems to have everything. They do not have this shirt. But they should. First of all, it features a chimp and that’s awesome. Next, that chimp is wearing one of those beanie hats with the propellers, which makes the chimp doubly awesome. Finally, this wonderful design by Tee Tower is printed up on American Apparel shirt stock, which is the best stuff you’re gonna find.

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I didn’t know this show was done by the Director of Shawshank Redemption. That’s some chops there. I’ve never seen the show and, of course, you know why. I’m not allowed to watch TV. Anyways, I did watch the trailer below and it looks pretty darn compelling. Sheriff Grimes looking for his wife and boy after waking up in the hospital.

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And, so what if we’re more. So what if we’re passionate lovers. She’s lonely. Dad is always at work. Totally ignores her. She’s still got a lot of lovin’ to give, but you’ll need to remember the truth by getting this I Swear Your Mom and I Are Just Facebook Friends T Shirt. There’s all kinds of creepy going on with this tee, but the mostest is that that kid is about nine years old. That’s jailbait for mommy.

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This Improv Everywhere T Shirt is all about that group in New York City that causes scenes. If you’re into random improv theater in public, well then, you probably need to check out Improv Everywhere. You won’t be alone. They have almost 200 million views of their videos.

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Available in Men's and Women's sizes.

I’m sure if they’re saying something about some of the feminine qualities of link or if there’s confusion about the name Zelda. Or if Zelda isn’t really the most heroic character in the game, so why’s it named after her. Or maybe this Zelda is a Girl T Shirt is just an easy way for big LOZ fans to answer the most common question about the game. Who is Zelda?

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