December 2011

That sushi roll has been stabbed! Oh what the chopstick purists must think about this one. It’s like a deep wound. An affront to the proper etiquette tenets. I want to be the person that cries “foul” at this atrocity, but I’m strangely attracted to its menace.

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What we have here is an 8-bit mashup and some wordplay. First, you have the 8-bit heart. 8-bit is a meme that stands for the good old days…like putting an analog tape cassette on a t-shirt, or a rotary phone, or rule of law in the United States. Anyways, that’s piece number one to the mashup. Piece number two is the allusion to vampires. Love and biting is all up in ever True Blood and Twilight and all those vampire entertainment programs. Of course, the wordplay is spelling bites with a “y”, which helps usher in the 8-bit concept.

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I like this one. There’s that corny line about never wanting to hurt you, who ever steps into a relationship and consciously wants to hurt the other person? Does that really happen? Maybe subconsciously because your mom burned your Farrah Fawcett poster when you were 13, but there aren’t many people that go into a relationship to intentionally inflict harm, and, if they do, there are pretty strong indicators that keep others away.

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This is the way to treat a pedophile. Make t-shirts mocking and taunting him. This State Penn T Shirt is a beauty, the shower being a very nice extra touch, because he diddled kids that went to his football camp in the shower, and once he gets convicted, then he’ll be diddled in the shower in prison. Then, he’ll probably be killed, which is what needs to happen.

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Busted Tees $10 Tee Sale

by on December 26, 2011

115 shirts available for $10 at Busted Tees right now. You better go jump on this deal. There are some very nifty shirts going for real cheap over there. There’s no indication when this thing will be over, but I’m guessing it isn’t going to last past the new year.

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I love these rogue Starbucks logo knockoffs. Especially when they reference some random super popular video game. The combo makes for a perfect t-shirt miracle, which I thought it was appropriate to feature on Christmas day. Then, if you happen to like Skyrim and coffee, then you could take some of that check you got from your Auntie Ethel apply and use it to buy some of this Skyrim Coffee T Shirt business.

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Nice random little twist on the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Now that I think about it, what the hell does sheep’s clothing mean? I could understand sheep’s skin or sheep’s pelt, but sheep’s clothing makes no sense. Though I don’t make it to rural parts very often, so maybe sheep have a particular clothing they were. Some denim short pants and maybe a flannel button down. Is that what the wolf is dressed in? Is that how the wolf sneaks in to peaceable gatherings and wreaks havoc. Jorts and flannel gets you in the door take 15 minutes to get acclimated to the scene, then piss in the punch bowl, bite the hostess in the butt, and slap a sheep’s face…hard.

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Someone did not get the Christmas story when they were younger, so when they heard a prowler on the roof they were ready. Now, everything is ruined, all because Santa messed with the wrong house. Of course, what I really want to know is what taxidermist went ahead and mounted Donner, Blitzen and Santa Claus? Was this a back alley job? Is there a black market for highly inappropriate stuffing? These are the things that get stirred up when I see this No Christmas T Shirt.

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Not really sure what to say about this shirt other than it’s really cool looking. Kind of a hipster looking dude with the jacket, button down, shoes, pants…you know the drill, but instead of a bearded face and thick-rimmed glasses, we have a horse head. Not sure if he’s in the middle of a dance move or he’s been caught stealing candy bars from the liquor store, but the image is full of kinetic energy. And, of course, that is why you should get this Eddie Horse Head T Shirt right now.

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Jason uses a lot of weapons to kill people in the very fine cinematic series Friday the 13th. I’m not into horror films myself. In fact, I can’t stand them because they’re gross and they scare me, and I get neurotic, and therapists are expensive, and they want to keep seeing me, because I don’t show a lot of progress. But, I encourage anybody that’s down with the bloody, gory, scary shit to seriously consider the merits of this Jason’s Arsenal T Shirt. It is pretty ingenious with weapons shaped as the iconic mask.

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This lamp has made it onto a lot of t-shirts, but this Leg Lamp T Shirt stands out. I like the black art on the red shirt color. Very classy looking shirt, which it needs to be, because the lamp was a major award. How many times have you seen A Christmas Story? Three times. Five times. Two dozen. It’s a very watchable film, and is perfect for getting you in the holiday spirit. Take the experience up one notch and get the t-shirt to wear as you watch the movie.

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It’s a classic Christmas movie t-shirt, featuring the doofus thieves from Home Alone.

The Wet Bandits, Marv and Harry, Escaped. Be on the lookout. Warning: These criminals are armed and clumsy. I have to admit Home Alone was an entertaining movie, Marv and Harry were pretty slapstick hilarious. Do you need any more reasons, during this holiday season to purchase the Home Alone Wet Bandits T Shirt and wear it all year ’round.

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