October 2011

Monty Python and the Holy Grail deserves 1,006 shirts dedicated to it, and this I Fart In Your General Direction T Shirt is certainly a good one. Worthy of the spectacular movie. This line comes in a lengthy put down crafted by a Frenchman from the top of a castle to the seekers of the Holy Grail below.

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Sun had a really rough night. Earth told sun not to go to that party, but Sun didn’t listen. Just as sun was leaving the house, Earth said don’t take the green pills from Hector, but Sun didn’t listen to that either, mainly because Sun was drunk of her mind, and when Hector came around, her defenses were down, and was an easy sell on the green pills.

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This is a cute way to frame your nuerosis, but only if you streak your hair with random colors while you’re wearing this I’m Not Weird I’m Limited Edition T Shirt. Ha Ha. JK.

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I just negotiated an extension on this spectacular Busted Tees Coupon Code. If you like funny t shirts and don’t take advantage of this deal, then I don’t know what to say. I feel like calling you bad names, but that’s not going to get us anywhere. Just use the code!

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Funny Group Halloween Costumes

This funny group Halloween costumes page is really getting a lot of interest. I had no idea people start planning for Halloween like two months in advance, but I guess it makes sense. You have to plan, order, make sure everything fits and if it doesn’t return it for a different size. If you’re talking about a group scenario that multiplies the time needed, so I guess it makes sense. And now that we’re in October, I don’t see this page slowing down at all.

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First let’s examine the words on the shirt: Poe Boy’s Sandwich Shop Be Hungry Nevermore! Baltimore, Maryland. Now, let’s examine the meaning of those words. First there’s a Po Boy’s restaurant, but this is a funny shirt, so you gotta put a twist in it, and make it Poe, like the author. This way you also avoid licensing issues which are a major headache. Okay, now you got the great dark wizard of writing in there, so you have to tie it together with the tag Be Hungry Nevermore…which of course references the food premise and one of Edgar Allan Poe’s more famous works, The Raven.

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You got the delivery on Friday evening. Saturday is booked…you know…the morning recovery from Friday night, the Saturday game, the thingie at the park, the yoga class. So, now you have the IKEA box and it’s Sunday. You try to make it easy like Lionel Ritchie, but that fucking box is staring at you like Hannibal Lecter. So, you open the box and are faced with 97 parts, screws, proprietary fastening devices, laminate, caster wheels, and, guess what, your Sunday is RUINED! And did you really need that shelving unit in the attic? No one even goes up there.

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Dude is dropping mad beats on the raving crowd. Place is hopping. The energy is intense. Everybody’s getting laid tonight, especially when Clarence MacDougal is spinning the wax. It was harder to get the deep bass to pummel the core of being, but the freshness of the grooves made this minor missing bass a footnote in an otherwise epic night out. You were lucky to catch one of these all nighters, because rooms sold out fast.

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