September 2011

This is beautiful message of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and making a go of it. Actually, it’s an anti-Religious Right Tee, ‘cuz Snorg Tees wants you to get all secular or godless or humanist or some other sort devil-driven life systemish.

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Atoms Bonding T Shirt

by on September 12, 2011

Science up in here right now. These little atoms are playing ball. Actually, they’re tossing particles to each other, which makes for a different type of message on this Atoms Bonding T Shirt. It’s actually a No Nukes shirt but nobody knows it. That’s totally not true but my 13.5 seconds of Internet research let me know in no uncertain terms that there’s no chance I’m going to grasp atomic bonding well enough to write about it in the next couple of minutes.

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Nice little twist on the Frankenstein legend. First, it’s a common mistake to think that the monster’s name was Frankenstein, when really it was the doctor’s name. Second, why not break up Frankenstein into a team of two. Frank was better with the science: chemistry, biology…figuring out the best recipe for embalming. Stein was the marketer of the duo, which is why you’re now seeing this Dr’s Frank N Steins Embalming Elixir T-Shirt.

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I don’t even play Halo, but still greatly appreciate the multi-layered humor going on here. Let’s start with the sign. It’s a play on words between PWN and pawn shop. Master Chief obtains possession of the stuff because he PWNs you in the game, but he’s unloaded it at a profit at his pawn shop. Very nice. “Best selection of NOOB and lightly used equipment.” Excellent. The universal pawnbrokering symbol of three golden balls is also in there, but with a grenade and two types of guns.

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Nice mashup right here. The fedora of Indiana Jones on the helmet head of Darth Vader. Terrific, but super confusing, especially for the kids. I mean what are they to believe if they see this. Indiana Jones is a good man. Darth Vader is bad. Can we really let them mix up good and evil. Could get very dangerous if the kids don’t know right from wrong.

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Charlie Sheen has certainly had a little bit of break in his mind, but it’s entertaining and his half cocked nutty shit actually sort of make sense sometimes. If I had to his rants more than like 3 minutes a month, I’d probably lose my mind, because he’s super obnoxious and pretty corny.

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Alfitude Design is cooking some things up on the other side of the Atlantic that make me smile. They hand-print t-shirts and totes with some filthy gorgeous (thanks Scissor Sisters) designs that will be sure to make you feel at least 32% more desireable and awesome when you wear/carry them.

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Okay, I’m going to start cheating with this hot thing. Actually, I already have started because the top visited pages on my site are in the meet the model series. If I came on here every week and told you that the top pages were Ashley Pridgen, Lacey Buchanan, and Alice Fraasa, you’d get bored eventually.

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Mel Brooks plays the wise Yoda character in the sci-fi spoof Spaceballs. His catch phrase is may the Schwartz Be With You, rather than Yoda’s May the Force Be With You. Get it?

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Three simple rules:

1. Never underestimate your opponent…expect the unexpected (wait was that one or two rules)
2. Take it outside. Never start anything inside the bar unless it’s absolutely necessary.
3. Be nice.

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This is a good one to wear to work or when you’re being very creepy-sleazy in a bar, blitzed out of your mind, feeling up mannequins…you know your average Tuesday night.

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U Mad, Bro? T Shirt

by on September 8, 2011

What we have here is a meme. This particular phrase is used on forums when someone is starting to get mad in a thread. Often considered trolling because this type of smart ass response often fuels the fire. Kind of funny for sure. Go check out Know Your Meme for the full history of this thing.

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