July 2011

So, it was an odd coupling, Mr. Waffle and Ms. Fry, but it worked some how. The met under unusual circumstances in a train stop in Luxemburg. Don’t want to get into the specifics and the long courtship, and a couple of mini break ups and infidelities, but what resulted was a pretty strong bond, which allowed them to feel confident enough to bring another life into the world.

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Nothing more American than Mickey Mouse. Nothing more communist than Chairman Mao. Combine them in a modern day mashup and you have a very peculiar little Mickey Mao T Shirt with Chairman Mao sporting a Mickey Mouse ears hat. Of course, you never know the strange pecadilloes those old world leaders with too much power develop over the years. I mean think about Kim Jong Il as accurately portrayed in Team USA. Case and point.

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A hat trick of goofy jokes this week. A little wordplay, plus a drooling dog representing the Pavlovian response of becoming hungry when a bell is wrong. Of course, made famous by experiments done by Johnny Pavlov. That’s actually not his first name and I can’t be bothered to look it up. I know you thought that I am well known for going the extra mile for my readers, but not today. Don’t have it today. You ever have those low energy days.

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I first read this as masturbate more and decided I probably shouldn’t review this one for my blog. Too racy. But, luckily I re-read and came to realize that this I Want to Procrastinate More But I Keep Putting It Off T Shirt is perfectly fine for the whole family, except that retarded humor like this, if enjoyed by younger folk, can backfire in an ugly fashion. In the hands of less skilled hands like that snot-nosed 11-year-old, these types of jokes become brutal, and you just wish the shirt had been about jerking off, and you were the one that had to explain it to your Christian nephew.

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Nice little joke here, because you know Telekinesis is using your mind powers to move physical objects. Is it possible? I don’t know you tell me. Otherwise, just buy the If You Believe in Telekinesis Please Raise My Hand T Shirt and be done with the esoteric arguments.

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Got to get your thoughts straight on the 2012 election sooner than later. Why not soak in the message of this Cthulhu Dagon 2012 T Shirt. It’s deep. I mean think about “Why Vote for a Lesser Evil?” for a minute or 20. It’s pure unadulterated truth. The kind of stuff that can cut a little bit. It can hurt as it re-structures the nueral pathways in your brain.

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Nice little mashup of the classic game Space Invaders and the Empire Strikes Back movie from the Star Wars series. They’re coming at your base with all of the space craft from the evil empire. Of course, they kept one space alien character up there to make it authentic. Also, do you see the Death Star on top. That’s funny.

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Nerdcore T Shirt

by on July 24, 2011

This Nerdcore T Shirt is awesome, featuring a skull wearing nerd glasses with tape on the nose bridge. Plus, the old school controllers. What a perfect shirt. The gothic, horror sort of look gives the nerd a whole new feel, like I’m a gamer geek but don’t mess with me.

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The entire contents of this Wright Brothers Nitro Circus T Shirt is as follows:

The Amazing Wright Brothers Nitro Circus. Wilbur and Orville. Incredible Stunts. Loose Women. Flying Machines. What they don’t tell you in the history books. Right? I had no idea that after the Wright Brothers gained notoriety with their flying machine, they parlayed the success into a travelling variety show. What an oversight by the historians. Perhaps they didn’t like the mention of the loose women, so they skipped the entire story altogether. Puritans.

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There are a ton of great shirts that Busted Tees is clearing out in their $10 Clearance Sale. This is the last chance on these because when they’re gone, they’re gone for good. I wonder how they decide which shirts are retired. I wonder if they have some sort of point system or something and these were the losers. Wait, don’t let that dissuade you from checking this sale out, because you need to ask yourself: “Have I ever disagreed with the general taste of the masses.” If you can answer “yes” to that question, it is very likely that you are going to find something you dig.

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It’s good to make the distinction between Elf and Elv-ish. It’s a slight but it makes for a profound difference. I have no idea what I’m talking about and don’t even know what this I’m Not an Elf I’m Elvish T Shirt means in the slightest. But, I trust the instincts of Tshirt Bordello implicitly and if they felt moved to make a shirt that says what this shirt says and it’s related to the Lord of the Rings, then I have full confidence that it’s good and means a great deal to those that enjoy LOTR, and gives them much joy and happiness and a richer life.

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Someone over at the Tshirt Bordello is into some H.P. Lovecraft or maybe just the Cthulhu culture that has risen online and in the gaming community out of the mythos Lovecraft created.

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