April 2011

At first I thought we just had a huge Stephen King fan as a tee designer, then I discovered that this Stephen King Rules T Shirt was worn in the movie Monster Squad, which you can see very briefly in the trailer below.

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S & M’s T Shirt

by on April 19, 2011

Good attention to detail on this one: ball gag, fishnet stockings, vinyl high heel knee-high boots, whip, spikes, zippers. Plus, you have wordplay, taking the name of a very popular candy product and switching it up. Basically, it’s wordplay and a whole bunch more type of play if you know what I mean. Huh, ha, ha.

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Wow. What an unbelievably positive message. Life brings challenges, but if you can face them with a positive attitude, and flip your tie back over your shoulder, and scream at the top of your lungs “bring it on,” and flex your biceps vigorously in that hunched over position, and wear this Challenge Accepted T Shirt, you are going to overcome the challenges. You are going to succeed. Dare I say it…you will be a winner!

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Okay…so the red shirts were characters that showed up in Star Trek for a very brief time before meeting their unseemly demise. Thus, you have this Live Fast Die Red T Shirt. It’s kind of a goofy concept. Why would you need to demarcate those that won’t be in the show longer than that episode. You can’t have a one-and-done character in green? I don’t really get it, but I guess it keeps the viewer informed, so that they don’t grow attached to the character. Because that my friend is a recipe for deep, dark sadness and despair.

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Sigmund really took a classic dive slipping on that banana peel and calling out Mommy. Falling is so weird. Your body goes into preservation mode so you drop everything in order to break your fall. In this case, Freud dropped his pipe and his briefcase, which actually has some of the first versions of sex toys. Wooden anal beads, wooden dildo, etc.

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Who the hell was logging in since 1980? I guess there were computer programs back in those dark ages, and I guess they had password protected applications, so I guess maybe this absurd Caps Lock Preventing Login Since 1980 T Shirt is strangely accurate. How pissed have you been at a site or program that wasn’t allowing you to enter because your login was right, except that you had caps lock on and it was clearly your fault. How many bad things did you say about the application’s programmer and his mother, before you realized it was your error. And, was there still a sense of it was the login functionality’s fault rather than your own in some one and that it was a sub-par user experience. And how many times have you thrown the lap top against the bay window shattering both to pieces.

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Hey, when you can’t play the XBOX it is basically a matter of life and death. There’s not much more disappointment in life than seeing those beautiful green rings turn red and your shit turn off permanently. All those achievements. All the hours. All that hard work to rise up in the ranks with your geeky buds across the Live globe. Gone.

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Hey, if you’re goin’ that way and takin’ aliens back to the rondevouz point, might as well pile on as many as can hang on. I’m sure there’s no weight limit to ET’s powers of bike levitation. I mean he could pick up a half dozen bikes, all but one he wasn’t even riding on.

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This is a super random shirt. You have your cute panda just hanging out eating bamboo, looking sweet and cuddly (of course, he’s a bear and would probably chase you down and rip your face off if you got within 14 feet of it). And, then all of a sudden that black and white fuzzy cuteness attracts aliens, and they zip down in their flying saucer (or to be more interplanetarily correct…space craft), and beam up Hua Sheng or Sheng Hua, or Tai Shan, I forgot this particular animal’s name. This whole abduction was in the news, but then quickly covered up.

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This is a wacky shirt would not you agree? I kind of love this Don’t Hate Cuz You Ain’t T Shirt. Do you? It has such attitude and such style and such a confidence. And, I think it comes from the sparkly copper shades and the hat and the fact that the hate and the ain’t don’t rhyme but they’re close enough because the wearer of the shirt designed by Polly and Crackers is the shit.

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Undead Gamer T Shirt

by on April 17, 2011

Hey, who says you have to give up gaming when you die or even when you become part of the undead masses. You obviously do not, consider this shirt is a real photograph, taken of a real undead gamer. This is proof so go ahead and keep up your skills as long as you can because the after life or the undead life is also all about improving your skills and kicking ass.

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I remember checking out Tshirt Bordello a while back and I wasn’t that impressed. Kind of your standard issue humor shirts. Nothing really stood out. Designs you could find elsewhere. Not horrible like some tshirt sites you see, but nothing to email, text or Skype call your mama about.

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