April 2011

If you buy three or more Polly and Crackers Tees by June 1, 2011 you get free shipping. Quite a deal, and they have some wacky, weird ones you might enjoy. Go check it out.

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Nice wordplay and corresponding image here. The Cardassians are a race in Star Trek…the Cardassian Union, and they have the jacked up faces you see on the corresponding Kardashians on this Keeping Up With the Cardassians T Shirt. I love that somebody made this connection, because I think the Kardashians are an alien sort of family…a new breed that has infiltrated earth with no talent except to be related to a sister that has a plump ass (hey look Cardassians has the word “ass” which makes it even that much more cool of a connection). Well, I guess the other talent these folks have is figuring out how to leverage Kim’s ass into relationships with professional athletes and a reality TV show, both of which bring money into the family coffers.

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This song and video has inspired quite a few funny t shirts because it’s so powerful. The burgeoning love story between the letter jacket wearing Jackson and the bobby sox, skirted young thing. He gave her a ring just to be his girl. Then he wants to bring up that he’s a little different than other guys. Be he decides to bring it up on a full moon night and the clouds move away from the moon and whammo. But, actually, they’re just watching a movie, except that it was Michael in the movie, but really he’s just watching the movie with his girl. But, it’s too scary for her. So, she leaves, he follows then proceeds to try to scare her with a scary song as they walk home.

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Like it…a lot. Let’s get serious. The Catholic church has been responsible for a massive amount of violence in this world over the centuries. Why not equate it with the classic Quentin Tarantino movie that brought a significant amount of violence to the silver screen.

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I thought this was the SS Enterprise at first, but upon closer inspection, I noticed it was the spacecraft Serenity from the space Western TV show Firefly. This is where Tshirt Bordello got the idea to put the flying machine in a jar with air holes punched out, just as a young kid would collect and store fireflies. Pretty cool looking image.

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Happy 420 bro and brosettas. You know what I’m talking about, and so does Headline Shirts with this fine offering, featuring George Washington, who, as 22% of the High Times articles have reported, partook in a little of the weed, ganja, smokey smoke. Why not have an Original Chronic T Shirt with one of our founding fathers proudly on display.

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How badass was Spock. I mean the mental powers and those little pinchy moves to knock you out. Plus, the arched eyebrows and Vulcan ears and throwing the V sign. Dude was totally geeky gangster. So, of course, it’s only natural that the world gets this very fine Treck Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself T Shirt, because that kind of OG Leonard Nimoy styley requires it. Yo!

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Lovecraft and Cthulhu tea. I have no idea what this is about. I’m familiar with the author HP Lovecraft, but not so much that I would know this Dunwich Dunkel character. Still, I like this shirt just because it’s a little esoteric and it is a very pleasing design. But, because I’m a servant to my dear readership, I will also research for 15 seconds and figure out what the heck the Dunwich Dunkel H.P. Lovecraft T Shirt actually means.

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I have no idea what this means at all, except on the surface. Too much thumb driven can be bad for your health, which is obvious, so I’m looking for the deeper meaning. Is there a thumb drive fetish, where everything you do on the computer is saved on the portable drive, and it’s kind of living dangerously because what if you fill it to capacity and then the data starts to degrade because of virtual overload. Could happen, and could very well be the impetus of this Eject Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself T Shirt.

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I had no idea what this meant but Urban Dictionary came through with the explanation:

“An 8-character truncation of the username “Thrillhouse” which occurs when Milhouse Van Houten enters this nickname prior to playing the video game Bonestorm in an episode (3F07) of The Simpsons.”

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OFace T Shirt

by on April 19, 2011

This is spectacular. Taking the vulgar oface phenomenon and putting it in an artistic format, so now it’s just an oface t shirt that looks like it came straight out of a museum. Am I right about this? Or is this just a totally vulgar shirt that no one should wear around impressionable children. (I think the age of impressionable children these days is 3 and a half…after that they already know everything.)

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The words Hater’s Crossing are not on this t shirt, so it may be difficult for people to understand what’s going on. But, the image is so cool… that is totally a schlubby hater, that it’s completely worth getting the Hater’s Crossing T Shirt, even if you have to explain to everybody what it means. Absolutely worth it.

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