March 2011

I like how they switched up the rhythm on this one. Usually, it’s kiss my Irish ass or kiss my white ass, or kiss my big fat hairy ass, but you usually don’t get a kiss my ass it’s Jewish. I mean you have the ass descriptor or adjective, as Mrs. Peters liked to call them, before the ass. So, this Kiss My Ass It’s Irish T Shirt is a nice change of pace. Are you in agreement with me on this?

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Really cool gamers shirt. Kid has a decision to make. What uniform is he goiong to wear today, and, of course that all depends on what game he wants to play. In the comments below, please tell me all of the games that are represented on this t shirt. I’ll get you started with the easy ones: Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, and Halo. I like the detail with the kid too. He’s got the Mario Bros. star on the t shirt he’s wearing, the game controller in his back pocket, backwards cap, and he’s pushing up his glasses, because, after all, he’s a nerd geek.

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