February 2011

Nice mock tattoo in honor of the Dude Where’s My Car scene where they get tattoos, and Ashton Kutcher asks Seann William Scott what his says and Scott says “Dude, what’s mine say.” And Kutcher says “Sweet, what’s mine say,” and they keep doing this Who’s on First routine for a while, because you see the tattoos actually do say Dude and Sweet.

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Have you seen Beerfest? If so, I don’t need to tell you the Broken Lizard hit about a triple with this one. It’s not a home run but it’s an extra base hit, and you know what, as any baseball player will tell you, that’s pretty good. I would highly recommend any triple movies. If you’re into retarded comedies then, of course, you need to see this one. The Das Boot When the Bubble Comes Turn the Boot  T shirt is a little obscure, which I think adds a little more mystique and desirability to it.

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I liked this movie, and this was a nice scene in the car driving up to the ski resort. John Cusack’s character, Adam talks about how he broke up with the chick he had lost his virginity to in one of the shuttered bars in the ghost town that used to be a hoppin’ resort. Craig Robinson as Nick Weber, and Rob Corddry, as Lou Dorchen, recall how hot the girl was and can’t believe Adam dumped her. Adam was second guessing it as well, because all they did was listen to records and have sex.

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The mix of the Bob Dobb character, straight-laced, middle manager, two kids, blonde, trim wife with dinner on the table every day at 6 pm, just as he walks in the door, combined with gangster sensibilities is always a good time. This Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangster T Shirt does not disappoint.

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Hey, it’s not often you can get an honest to goodness silk-screened t shirt or any t shirt for that matter for less than $10, so be sure to get over to Snicker Tees and take a look around. They have some cool designs, and shout outs to YouTube phenom, Mr. Chi-City. Anyways, $8 blowout clearance sale comin’ at you. I don’t see an end date to the sale, so you better get over there quick because it might be ending…right…about…now.

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Loviu is the European shirt.woot.com or www.teefury.com. One shirt is on sale each day for 12 Euros. There’s also a weekly t shirt that is priced at 18 Euros. Don’t ask me how much that is in US Dollars, probably like 10 times as much, but the site looks cool. And, just like those other daily deal sites, they also have shirt designers submit a design and the most popular work is offered for sale.

The Loviu site is engaging, and their shirts look very interesting. It’s not the same old The Office quotes.

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I admit I liked the movie. Carrell and Arkin were funny. The story was cute and snappy and quirky. It was worth the time spent watching it. And the prorated cost of my Netflix subscription. However, I also understand the people that thought it was to sappy and pretentious and a little stupid. Like the girl winning the pageant or contest or whatever, when really, they should have steered clear of the whole bullshit, superficial scene. Which is where this Little Miss Fucking Sunshine T Shirt comes in.

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This is one of those “says one thing in bold print, but means another in fine print” trickery t shirts. You’re a straight dude looking to score at the club. You have the Satisfaction Guaranteed T Shirt visible loud and proud. Girl takes a look and likes what she says and gets curious why you are telling people that satisfaction is guaranteed. Whammo. You’re in. She’s committed because she likes the look of you. You know she’s ready to play, and is interested in being satisfied. Now, you show her the fine print, which she thinks is funny and now it’s over. She’s in your snare.

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Auburn disagrees. They one a National Championship with a cupcake schedule early. Their motto is cupcakes are good for your BCS College Football Championship aspirations. But, hold the phone, that’s not what this shirt is really talking about, because it was Cam Newton would be featured in the artwork. Instead we have an actual cupcake on the Cupcakes Are Bad For You T Shirt, so I’m inclined to think that this shirt from Busted Tees is actually a statement against all of the posh cupcakery going on in our artisan little sub-cultures.

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Pillow Fight T Shirt

by on February 1, 2011

This is pretty straight ahead tomfoolery right here. Pillow fight equals pillows with boxing gloves and they’re going at it, because they’re bruised and black-eyed. At first I thought the pillows had handles and was wondering if there are pillows specifically made for pillow fighting, but I think maybe what you have here is the pillow case open and the actual pillow showing. Except if it is the actual pillow it really shouldn’t be the same color as the background of the shirt. So, now I think I might be a little confused by this Pillow Fight T Shirt.

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Nice modernized version of you had me at hello. You saunter over to a girl with this You had Me at ‘Sup T Shirt and you say, “sup,” of course. And, she melts because your actions match your words on your shirt, and in this day and age that is the epitome of integrity.

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Sometimes the shirts that combine pop culture references are the worst, because it takes me like over a minute to figure out what’s going on rather than the usual 17 seconds or less. First I had to figure out that Wes Craven is a storied horror film director…can you have a better name to be working with that genre? And then I thought to myself, Zach Galifianakis did a bit with the punch line That’s So Raven, so I plugged that in and all of a sudden I’m greeted with a Disney masterpiece I had no idea existed. That’s So Raven. With this discovery it also dawned on me that I was totally off in my appreciation of the Galifianakis line…I thought it was some genius random made up thing, when really it was just a genius random thing. Quite a bit of difference. So…I thank Busted Tees for always enlightening me about pop culture.

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