January 2011

Nice wordplay, image play going on here. Mix of sci-fi/thriller movie and classical music. Johann Sebastian Bach mashup with Arnold “the Governor” Schwarzenegger. The beautiful bust of The Terminator and the music master. Set it on your piano. Admire it from the sofa. Play your music with inspiration. Shoot your neighbor the best you can. Wait, I’m not selling the bust, I’m selling the I’ll Be Bach T Shirt featuring the combo bust, and I have a feeling you’re buying. Why?

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If this is in reference to something I have no idea what it is. Are you telling me I’m going to need to do 19 seconds of Internet research and figure out what this means? What do I even type into Google. “Pixelated sunglasses dog with attitude?” “Deal With It Dog?” Smug dog. What’s going on here. Okay, obviously I don’t know anything. This is a rather old Internet meme. But, now I’m going to explain why the shirt is cool without knowledge of the history.

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Is this the South Park Turd, Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, behind the fence giving you a nice warm greeting? Do you live next door or on the same block as the South Park Turd. If so, then it’s only right that you take money that you have earned in an honest fashion and put it in the pockets of Busted Tees in exchange for this Hi-De-Ho-Neighbor T Shirt.

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I like this one. It rhymes which is always a solid t shirt play in my mind. It’s brief, blunt and makes a very clear point. Of course, I think the message of the Words are for Nerds T shirt may be a little convoluted in this day and age, because nerd culture is now all online, digital, gaming, etc. You don’t think of nerds as book readers any more. Book readers are more like dinosaurs now.

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I tried to watch a few clips of this on Youtube and it felt pretty dull to me, but maybe just jumping in on the middle of the thing I don’t get the full flavor. What do you think? Was Daria a funny show on TV, and was the fake cartoon inside the cartoon funny. Tell you what, if you think it was funny vote by purchasing Sick Sad World T shirt. If you don’t like the show and couldn’t care less, then go ahead and leave a comment telling me this is the case.

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As long as you don’t mind the cost, which is a little fondling. If you can get past that, then, yes, strangers definitely have the best candy. Isn’t that weird how you’re warned not to take candy from strangers…like that wisdom is passed down from generation to generation. Because everybody, since Moses, knows that kids are really, really stupid for candy and they’ll do anything to get it, especially if they are in a home that doesn’t do much candy for the general health of the family.

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Scare Bear T shirt

by on January 12, 2011

Little wordplay and funny image hijinx. You see this is a mockery of care bear, which are those sickly sweet characters for the entertainment of the children, and the ball tripping Deadheads that stare at the rainbow themes and think about the Universal Mind, peace, lentils, and balling that bra less redhead in the van to spots down. Instead, you have a Scare Bear T Shirt with a fang baring bear that would scare the children and harsh the hippie buzz.
Of course, Snorg Tees, added a little rainbow bib to the scary bear, which is a very nice touch that will bring the children in, before ultimately frightening them with the fangs and scarring them for 27 years, until the therapy kicks in.

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I Piss Excellence T Shirt

by on January 11, 2011

When you got it you got it. Might as well flaunt it. Show it off. Share it with others. Wear the I Piss Excellence T Shirt. Right? Am I right?

And this is the best way to say your shit don’t stink without actually saying that, because that would be offense to those with delicate constitutions and young children. This particular sentiment will pass the community standards test but will still get the point across, which is I’m Fucking Awesome. Of course, you do have to meet the criteria to wear the shirt.

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You’ll recall the scene. Alan Garner, played brilliantly by Zach Galifianakis, is going to try to lure the tiger or busy the tiger in the bathroom at the hotel, and to make the steak more palatable for the tiger he’s adding pepper. He gets called on it…like why the hell would you waste time putting pepper on a raw steak for a tiger, and Garner shoots back with the utmost confidence, because tigers love pepper and they hate cinnamon. Random, goofy and beautiful.
Remember the scene forever with the Tigers Love Pepper T Shirt brought to you by the fine folks over at Snorg Tees.
Here’s the scene from The Hangover:
Here’s Snorg Tees designing the t shirt:
Why not look at the collection of the finest The Hangover T Shirts you can find anywhere in the great wide Web.

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Hey you’re going to need more than 8-bit stomach lining when you eat at Carl’s Junior. Shit is bad. Real bad. It’s not food. It’s processed corporate lies in the shape of burger and fries. I don’t know what the 8 Bit means, must be sold in the U.K. Real cheap. That’s like the price of a meal back in the time Dickens was writing.

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So, I created two fairly new categories to place my t shirt reviews in: science and math. Unfortunately, I know so little about both that I don’t even know which category to put this post in. Of course, I could do a little Internet research, and hope that within 16 seconds I figure out what it means before my attention fades. Thing is I don’t feel good about this Hey Baby What’s Your Sine  T Shirt. I mean, there are triangles and I know that geometry is involved, so I’m probably pretty safe putting the post in math, because, hold on to your seat, geometry is math.

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Or never say never…or never buy a shirt that is totally weak like this one. What am I saying, I’m trying to encourage sales here. Please, if you think this is a finely crafted wonder of the world, then there is nothing you can do but go ahead and purchase the Never Believe Generalizations T Shirt. If you think it’s stupid, then you need to cut me some slack because I’m under strict obligation to post about each and every Snorg Tees offering.

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