December 2010

This is just about true and sometimes you need to take three steps back, sit down hard on your behind and ponder truths so simple, yet so profound, that they blow your mind. This is one of those. If you take a tried and true statement, then tack on even more truth, then it’s time to blow out the cobwebs in your cerebral cortex. Make sure you have the vacuum handy, ‘cuz that’s a lot of cobs.

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She’s a little runaway. Dorothy done got sick of the farming life on Henry & Emily Farms. Can’t stand it. Feeding the livestock. Cleaning the shit. Work work work the fingers to the bone. Auntie Em won’t cut her a break, so what else are you gonna do, but hit the road.

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Good ol’ Sasquatch started a game of hide seek with a couple of his little buddies like 50 years ago. They could never find him, so they gave up, but he kept playing. They grew up and did the things that all Big Foot’s do. Hide out in the special forest with the rest of their kind. No humans ever make it that deep into the woods so they are safe. There’s about 80 of the hairy man like creatures. They average 9 feet tall. But, poor ol’ “Bigfoot” never got the message, so he’s still out there playing. He has moments where he sort of wants to get caught, so he lets himself be seen, but the hairless freaks carrying guns and driving cars freak him out.

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I would say there’s a crapton of t shirts on sale for $9 at Threadless right now. Apparently, the sale ends tomorrow (Tues. December 7) at 10 a.m., so if you’re thinking about it take some action now. Or else you’ll forget.

I’m going to count them up right now. Five pages of 50 shirts for the guys. I’m no Euclid, but I think that’s about 250 shirts that you can basically steal for $9.

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Hey, you love Snorg Tees. I love Snorg Tees. We all scream for ice cream. What that’s not quite how that works, and who wants ice cream when it’s 13 degrees out right now. Well, I’d probably eat it but I would get the shivers no doubt. Add a slice of pie with that ice cream to warm it up a bit and I’m all in. Actually, what I really want to tell you is that Snorg Tees is offering 15% all shirts until this Friday. Let me repeat that. From now until December 10, you can get 15% any purchase at Snorg Tees. That’s sweet. Go check it out.

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This is kind of a San Francisco resident insider joke kind of shirt, which makes it pretty dang cool. Definitely, you need the Cloud City San Francisco T Shirt if you live in the city, but I’m saying right here that if you are reading this and you’re interested in looking cool, then you should get this shirt, so you can tell people what it means. Seriously. And, here’s the type of language you can use, straight from the mouths of SF residents, Headline Shirts:

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Elvis Meets Vader T Shirt

by on December 6, 2010

Wow. This is a power meeting between two guys at the top of their game. One living large as the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Empire and one capturing the hearts of every girl in the US and abroad with his hip shake and sexy voice. No one knew at the time that both were headed for spectacular falls from grace and untimely deaths. But, players gotta play no matter what the consequences. And that’s the truth.

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Heads up. What’s Hot page has been updated with the rabidly sought after and purchased funny t shirts this holiday season. It’s an interesting list and I get all philosophical discussing meanings behind the meanings, and why the humorous concepts attract such a fan base. Yeah, you can call me Professor Addison if you wish. I’m delivering knowledge on comedic trends, fashion, and a bit about your mama in What’s Hot in Funny T Shirts. Go look at that right now if you want to take two steps closer to being an evolved individual.

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Don’t know much about Joseph Stalin, but I do know he was head of the communist party in the Russia for a good long time. And, he committed more atrocities than Hitler. He caused famine. He knitted the Iron Curtain with his evil hands, and he generally sucked hard, despite the fact that he also helped the Allies win in WWII, which was a point in his favor. The Soviets had more casualties in that war than anyone. Something like 20 million or some crazy shit. Anyway, on the Joseph Stalin I Voted T Shirt, good ol’ Joe has an I Voted pin, which is kind of funny because there wasn’t a lot of democratic process in action in his reign of terror.

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This is a very nice play on words. You’ve seen the neon signs in the seedy part of town promoting Girls, Girls, Girls. This is a new scandalous fetish. People want to see shaved squirrels eating acorns, and they pay good money at the door. This isn’t the kind of thing you here on the evening news, and you don’t talk about it around the family dinner table. You have to run in certain circles to know about it.

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It’s snowing and I think it just dawned on me that it is December, so, of course, I created a Funny Christmas T Shirts page. But, please beware that stuff that is funny to t shirt designers about the holidays may not be, how should I say it, appropriate for mixed company. There are over 25 shirts on this list, and over half of them will not make the carolers at your door happy, unless they’re boozed up with Peppermint Schnapps.

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Go ahead and purchase $50 or more worth of awesome hilarious shirts over and Donkey Tees, and you will be treated to free shipping for the holidays. Nothing beats the gift of laughter. Am I right?

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