November 2010

Pretty funny. You’re in the lead and close to the finish line and somebody blasts out the blue turtle shell and knocks you out, thus making the person in second place the eventual winner. So, then the blue turtle shell Second is the Best T Shirt makes perfect sense, even though really it’s only a temporary second. Maybe the shirt should say Temporary Second is the Best, but I guess that loses its punchiness, and once the succinct slips away so does the humor. So, I will approve of it, and recommend that you purchase it immediately, if you are of the gaming persuasion.

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Everybody that’s ever played Super Nintendo knows and loves these four buttons. This ABXY Controller T Shirt is a gamers delight. And you know it. Nerdy Shirts knows it. Nintendo knows it. Microsoft knows it. The XBOX and Wii may be sweet but nothing will make us forget the classic, the OG, the one in our hands as we were introduced to the wonderful world of being a complete and utter gaming dork. Shout out to the heavens and to all the people. Hooray for ABXY. Hooray for game systems. Hooray!

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You ever go to those Asian owned everything stores. They have a little bit of everything. You can have a UPS package sent. There’s silver jewelry, electronics, lamps, and greeting cards. Well, sometimes those stores come in very handy and you can get that cheap rolling back pack and vanilla walrus candle all at the same time. The same is true for this shirt. Sometimes you like a specialist, but sometimes when you don’t have anything in particular in mind, it’s good to have a wide variety.

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Soge Shirts says:
“We strive to make our shirts compatible with your body, while showing an individual attitude, that only you can bring Soge shirts was started in a park in Escondido CA in late 2007.”

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Soge Shirts Gots the Goods

by on November 19, 2010

I truly enjoy the new operations and the little guys and like to support them as much as I can, so please go check out the Soge Shirts site. Actually, check out the review of Soge Shirts, then go to their site.

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I reviewed another variation of this concept playing on the whole This is why I’m hot song by MIMS. In that review I quoted the best line and I’m going to do it here as well, because it is comedy gold.

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Metal Gear Solid is a video game. And a dude name Colonel Campbell yell’s snake snake snaaaaake. And that’s about all I know about this shirt. Must be popular. There’s a yahoo question about it. A ton of youtube vids. An Urban Dictionary entry. That’s right. It’s big time.

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Ooh la la. That’s a juicy story. Spurs point guard Tony Parker getting all French on Brent Barry’s wife. Damn that makes for a very awkward locker room, except that Barry hasn’t been there for two years. Just seemed like yesterday he was struggling in the playoffs.

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Bored of Education T Shirt

by on November 18, 2010

Nice little play on words or like we like to say in the business: wordplay. You have the Board of Education in every state meeting and determining things about the schools, trying to make them safer, better run, and the best environment for learning that they possibly can be. Of course, many school systems are failing because people are idiots, and bureaucracies like school boards suck, and we’re doing a great disservice to the children in our fine country.

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Kevin McCallister is the little dude played by Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. He’s ripping around through the house alone (thus the title of the movie), and finds a picture of his mean big brother’s girlfriend. She’s a little homely, so Kevin says Buzz Your Girlfriend Woof, as in she’s a dog.

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Highway Songs T Shirt

by on November 17, 2010

Let’s see now. What do we have here? The exit for the Highway to Hell, which, of course, is an AC/DC masterpiece. Highway to the Danger Zone, which, of course, is a Kenny Loggins par for the course pile of doodoo. And, the Rascal Flatts, Life is a Highway, which makes baby Jesus cry because it is such a shitty song. I don’t care if the chorus makes me feel like a 10-foot tall drivin’ Lothario.

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Everybody likes the Mario Brothers video games and everybody likes Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movie franchise, so it stands to reason that everybody and their mother would like this mashup t shirt referencing both fine pieces of media entertainment. Am I right?

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