October 2010


Ashley Pridgen Interview

Tell me about your handle on Twitter, Phoenix Beauty. How did you come up with that?

I actually didn’t come up with it. When I started modeling, it was in the MySpace days when everyone had a fake name. I tried for days to think up anything, but nothing was coming to me. I asked a friend to just make something up. Phoenix Beauty is what she came up with because she liked my only tattoo at the time, which was a phoenix. I was never a huge fan of the name because it makes me sound pretentious, but I never got around to changing it. I guess I don’t really give it much thought nowadays.

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I’ve reviewed another similar business time t shirt referencing the song from the Flight of the Conchords. I doing this one too, because it’s executed quite a bit differently, and in this modern age you have to offer choices, diversity, different takes on the same premise.

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If Alan Grayson doesn’t run and Stewart and Colbert don’t want to take the pay cut that being a Presedential ticket would require, then this Zombie Washington is probably our next best bet. Should probably start the campaign now. Wait, does anybody know where the undead founding father is these days. Perhaps haunting the cherry tree orchard in Virginia or whever that was where he couldn’t tell a lie.

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You know you have to be a degenerate or a series anti-semitic psychotic to be kicked off the cast of The Hangover 2. Right? Especially, just a cameo role as a tatoo artist in Thailand. And, I guess Mel Gibson fits the bill. He’s a nut job. He’s a raving lunatic. He’s going to hurt himself or his family or innocent bystanders.

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Dude, Mike Myers was absolutely brilliant in the Austin Powers movies. Am I right? Anyway, of course, this is in reference to Dr. Evil, and his strong desire to have sharks with lasers at his evil disposal.

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Hey. It’s a shout out to Super Mario. Has it really been 35 years of Mario video games? Can that be true? Can I be that old? Damn.
Anyway, over there on Yahoo Answers the following question was asked:

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Funny play on the original transitive pictograph verbalization, which launched an absolute phenomenon. I heart NY in the twisted minds of Snorg Tees, becomes I Only Like NY as a Friend T Shirt. Now, it’s good to draw specific boundaries with cities with millions of people in them. Otherwise, it’s all give, give, give and you drain yourself completely.

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I don’t know what all you have going on on this shirt but it is awesome. You have a hot mermaid with an American flag, sitting on a T Rex, who’s driving a rocket powered motorcycle while wearing a astronaut helmet. I think I got the major pieces here.

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This is a funny shirt to wear as a man. I think you can wear it in two instances. One, you’re hideously ugly like Larry Bird, so wearing this is like a super joke. People will dig your vibe knowing you’re not afraid to make fun of yourself. Two, you are very handsome, not kinda handsome, not sorta handsome, but very handsome, and people see that HMC shield and think that just maybe, you really do belong to to the club.

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Is that the moon that’s comforting Pluto’s unsightly demise, being demoted from planet to big hunk of rock hurtling around in space? Because if it is Pluto’s probably mumbling something like, you never were a planet so what do you care…you never had something and then had it ripped away from you. Those Earthling scientists stole my soul when they reclassified me as just another Kuiper Belt object.

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Here’s one for the liberal or sane in your. These three certainly participate in the theater of the absurd, but all perform supremely sophisticated marketing of themselves, which is why each is filthy rich, has a filthy amount of die hard fans, and actually show up on a random shirt from T Shirt Hell.

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This is terribly racist or xenophobic or something. It actually took me a second, so maybe you need a second. I’ve actually had a few bikes stolen myself, and I’m pretty sure diversity was the culprit as well. Yeah, they’re saying that minorities steal bikes. Awful isn’t it. But, somehow it’s true in Sunshine’s case and it is true in my case. The whole deal behind T Shirt Hell is to be over-the-top offensive to get a reaction but also to get you thinking.

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