August 2010

Um. No. This is not what Phillip K. Dick was thinking about in 1956 when he wrote the short story. And, Tom Cruise, didn’t dick around in a spreadsheet with a report that said this guy is a convicted felon, has 32 parking tickets, was in juvee, and  searches for information on semi-automatic weapons on Google an average of 6 hours a day (oh, don’t tell me Google doesn’t tell the government everything – Google is the government – the both start with Go – that’s the spooky stuff), so he’s a little bit of a risk for another crime.

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Shaq and Hoopz

by on August 25, 2010

Is Shaq just playin’ Hoopz or is he for real with this marriage proposal? The prevalent thought is that Shaq really hasn’t played hoops in a few years, so he’s probably sincere in his declaration of love for the reality TV star. Wait, Shaquille O’Neal is hangin’ with reality TV star, Nicole Alexander, who is nicknamed Hoopz.

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Ok, there’s nothing funny to say about  Erica Blasberg, LPGA golfer, committing suicide. In fact, this is the type of story that makes you reflect about the relative value of sports. Is it too much pressure to perform for our young people? Okay, you’re not reflecting are you. You’re salivating at the thought of football starting in a few weeks. Anyway, we should be taking a minute to reflect on some of the uglier consequences of our hyper-competitive culture. But, I guess the whole “you’re defined by the company you keep” is pretty much right on in my case.

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If you like boobies, this is the ultimate tribute to boobs music video. And, hell, I even like the quirky rap with the lo-fi production. The band is Bone Nation and the song is called Blessted. The video was loaded January 12, 2004, so I’m slightly behind on this one. But, as you know, I like to let the trail blazers clear the way, so I can have a nice leisurely walk six years later. This is my M.O. except with Funny T Shirts. I’m so on top of those bastards you’re going to get the bends trying to keep up with my ascent. That metaphor sort of fell apart but you know what I’m talking about. Let’s surface. Let’s surface. Get in the decompression tank. Get some more oxygen. Have a Pepsi.

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Hey, I know you pride yourself on living atop the edge of the razor. You know the pop culture. You drive the pop culture. You create the pop culture. You are the pop culture. Thus, most likely, and I’m not reading minds here, or using ultra-invasive tracking technology, you want to know what’s hot in the funny t shirt space. If so, you’ll be delighted to know that I just updated the What’s Hot in Funny T Shirts page.

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Solid bit of humor here. If you place highly in the worldwide teacher rankings, then you should probably be using grammar and spelling better. Then again, maybe your specialty is shop, and who cares what kind of writing, English, grammar, spelling skills you have. Right? Just get that lathe running every morning and make sure there’s enough flux to get you through the welding class. Maybe you have had an amazing run of students get good jobs right out of high school. You deserve to be on that list and you deserve the World’s Goodest Teecher T Shirt with much pride.

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I don’t really get it but it’s pretty damn cool looking adding that space invaders look to the Stars and Bars. Actually, could be pretty incendiary if you think about it. Basically, you have a big gun shooting at the representation of the states of our country. Look at it from a distance and you may well very think there’s some treason goin’ on here. Actually, those “serious” Patriots may think the same even at a close inspection, especially if they don’t know Space Invaders from Donkey Kong.

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Oh shit, we’re gonna get political right about now…comparing the pilgrims on the Mayflower to illegal aliens from Mexico. There is a lot of similarities. Seeking a better life. Working hard to make a life for themselves in the new country. Hardships, but never wavering belief that the US is a far superior country to live in than the old homeland.

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Looks like we have a few back to school sales going on right about now. Hop to and take advantage. First, check out Headline Shirts. They have 17 $9 shirts, including a lot of my favorites like “Are the Assholes Still In Charge.” Then, they have 16 $12 shirts, which is still a righteous deal. And, finally, they have 22 $15 shirts which is still like $5 off. You will totally be rockin’ subversive style for your first day of school. And, then you’ll get kicked out. Won’t be able to find a job, and become seriously homeless. But, it will be totally worth it, and think of all the money you saved. You can eat with that.

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I have no idea how long this sale is going to last, but you can pick up one of my favorite funny tshirts for $9: Fantasy Football Wizard T shirt. You have to love this shirt and for $9 how can you pass it up, especially with the NFL season fast approaching. Get this shirt, because it’s wicked funny, and you’ll be the coolest broseph at your fantasy football auction. Do it.

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This is really funny. Forget unicorns crapping Skittles or envying Pegasuses, let’s talk about how one little piece of corn is a unicorn, so what’s the big deal.

Actually, Snorg Tees says it best in their little shirt description:

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This makes all kinds of no sense. George Bush Sr. doesn’t like broccoli not cake, so the fliparooni is not to have broccoli getting visibly sick at having to eat cake. It’s broccoli smearing cake on Bush Sr. and then eating him, and then taking his bones and then taking his femur and stabbing the thigh of everybody that ever voted for or hired a Bush: President, Governor, CIA, drug runner, or town crier.

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