August 2010

Well, I guess I should make a comment about this shirt, but it just makes me sort of really sad for the poor pointy headed dudes that came before us. Not their fault that the meteor had their ugly ass profile in its sites from about 2 million miles away.

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Hey, if you like liquor in a general sense then this shirt is for you. I don’t know. I think maybe something a little more liquor niche oriented might have been an easier sell. Tequila makes the world go round. Grey Goose makes the world go round. Jameson makes the world go round. Boone’s Farm makes the world go round.

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As you well know this is a mix media t shirt message with a tip of the cap to Mortal Kombat the video game and The Wizard of Oz movie.

Here’s the technical explanation of a flawless victory from the Mortal Kombat Wikia:

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Can you believe Back to the Future is 25 years old? Yeah, me too. Feels like I watched that thing in the theater back in the 1920s. Can’t believe those actors are still alive, Michael J. Fox’s heroic fight against Parkinsons not withstanding. Hell, Crispin Glover looks exactly the same.

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Your Text Here T Shirt

by on August 31, 2010

I was scratching my crotch head and trying to figure out what this shirt meant, or why it’s for sale. It’s not really funny, but it is kind of meta. And, by that I mean it’s ironically saying, look I know graphic funny tees are all the rage, and I’ve got one two, except that it’s self-referential and ironic. So, it works on that level.

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Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell. It’s like a murderers row of comedy acting. Not to say it’s a film is an automatic winner if you throw together an A-list ensemble cast, but for Old School it seemed to work.

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This probably hits way too close to home for a lot of men. I men the Boy Scouts of America were incorporated in 1910 (happy 100th). That’s a lot of time to refine the art of diddling little boys in tents way out in the wilderness. Am I right?

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This is god’s honest truth. The white man with mucho flair did invent the rap. Vanilla Ice was in the studio recording a doo-wop album with his boys, and all of a sudden he silenced the guitar. And VI heard something, like all great innovators due. He heard something, he felt something, he envisioned something.

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This is purely retarded humor. This is the kind of hilarity that make people take notice for a second then shake their head, like I can’t believe that nimrod went through with that lame little comedic pantomime. But, if you’re consistent and you keep bringing the pathetic, it can become a schtick…a thing to hang your hat on. What if you told a knock knock joke like the following every day for a year. How would you be known around the office. Doofus, but fun loving. Not threatening. You’d probably build some deep relationships from the escapade with other fun loving folk. So, I say be yourself, and tell this joke tomorrow if it’s in you.

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Hey check it…a little sporty misdirection. You know you like sports and misdirection is huge in sports execution, so this is for you. Actually, you would probably also like to wear this shirt if you hated sports because you’re basically saying baseball, football, whatever…I don’t care.

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IV:XX T-shirt

by on August 25, 2010

Sometimes you need to add a little class to your doob smokin’ ways. Yeah, 6 out of 7 days you can answer the question: “what time is it?” with a “4:20 dude” that would make Spicoli proud, but sometimes, mix in a little learning, education, and classiness. Get out a white board or chalk board and write out in Roman numerals: IV:XX.

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It’s sort of funny that this is skyrocketing as a hot topic in Google blogs and Google trends, and I’m sure it will hit the Twitter Trending Topics before day break. Nine jobs.

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