June 2010

Morrissey would not appreciate the variation on his vegetarian theme…at all. Yes, it’s clever. Yes, meat really is delicious. And, yes, that prancing bull with the huge chest and waif waist is kind of disconcerting in a funny way, but Morrissey would not approve.

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Just a heads up. Nerdy Shirts rankings have been updated. I’ve added the latest shirts, including the Step Brothers converse high top shoes hanging around the neck and the Flipadelphia shirt from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Check it out.

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It’s good to see John Goodman healthier. In that 2009 photo he looks like a pile of shit wrapped in misery. Now, he’s mackin’ on Helen Mirren. Crazy what cutting the alcohol out of the diet will do for you. I don’t know that I’d call it incredible, though. Guess it’s hard to tell how much weight he really shed.

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Some Wisconsin students are trying to take a stand on and make some cash off the new, controversial AZ immigration law, SB 1070, but school officials have halted the sale.

You can check the video here. Make sure you sit through the stupid commercial and the intro, because David Douglas, who looks 15, is worth a gander: the hair, the tie, and the diction.

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Kaka belongs to Jesus, but he’s not going to be able to testify in front of the millions paying attention to this year’s World

Cup in South Africa. Brazil futbol has put its foot down.

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You pretty much have to commit the equivalent of a work day to watch first pitch to last out in any 9-inning Major League Baseball game. Who has that kind of time? I mean crotch grabbing, head shrinking A.S. (after steroids), and fountains of spit are terrifically compelling, but then you have all that other stuff like throwing to first base, meetings on the mound, stepping out of the batter’s box, and bunting that make professional baseball excruciating.

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At first you laugh at the patheticness of the dude. Yawning injury! But, once you look at the intensity and grandness of his yawn, you realize, man that guy is lucky not to injure himself every morning. Look at that wingspan. Look at the unhinging of the jaw. What is that a boa constrictor swallowing a wild pig. That is no joke. Takes practice. Takes perfect form every time. And, if you’ve just been woken by your radio alarm with Justin Bieber crooning in your ear, you may not be totally on your game. That can throw a man seriously off.

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The World Cup 2010 has begun.

This Tshirt captures the beauty of those long-winded goal calls with the classic tshirt humor. Yeah, it’s awesome. Yeah, it’s really cool. Yes, the man scored. OK, that’s enough. Stop doing the airplane. Stop saying that goal thing now. Get back to the line and play some futbol.

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Christopher Walken is walkin’ on sunshine. And you know he could do that number while dancing. He’s a very talented man and such an iconic figure on the big screen. That is why if I was a betting man, I’d say there’s a 92% chance you’ll buy I’m Walken on Sunshine Tshirt today.

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This is one of those shit your pants moments you never ever want to experience. You’ve heard about it happening in a neighboring town. You don’t know how you would cope. What would it be like? No XBOX?! How long will it take to fix? Will I lose all profile stuff? Man, it’s nearly unbearable to even think about it.

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This is a terrific shirt. Makes me want to start growing a gnarly Grizzly Adams beard. At least a Zach Galifianakis face warmer. From the looks of it you have your work cut out for you to reach the end of the ruler. It’s a nice touch that they offered the measurement in both centimeters and inches.

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Apparently, there was this show called Seinfeld where some neighbors sat around and talked a lot. It was a massive success. This shirt is in reference to a beloved episode where the Jerry Seinfeld (like the name of the show), which is his real name, except he’s a fictional character in the show, which is totally confusing…anyway, he doesn’t want to wear the puffy shirt.

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